The rubber dam is processed dam bag rubberized fabrics according to the size of design requirements, anchoring in the concrete baseboard to form a closed bag with high-strength synthetic fiber woven fabrics internal stressed frame and internal and external coating of synthetic rubber as its bonding the protective layer...

Application Scope of Rubber Dam

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1. Irrigation\

80% of the rubber dam project is mainly applied for agricultural irrigation services, palying an active role in the omotion of agricultural production.

2. Power Generation

to increase the height of the dam body on the spillway or the original or retaining works , it may raise storage capacity, improving the power water head and making full use of of water resources.

3. Groundwater Recharge

The rubber dam is ideal hudraulic structure to recharge the underwater artificially by storing flood, drain, Ideal hydraulic structures.

4.Blocking tide and Storing Fresh

5. Urban Water Conservancy\

Rubber dam is widely used in urban, construction, playing its function and role in flood control, water supply, irrigation and landscaping.

6. Sediment and Back Silt

The application of rubber dam sediment prevents desertification.

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