The rubber dam is processed dam bag rubberized fabrics according to the size of design requirements, anchoring in the concrete baseboard to form a closed bag with high-strength synthetic fiber woven fabrics internal stressed frame and internal and external coating of synthetic rubber as its bonding the protective layer...

Steel Wire Reinforced Rubber Dam

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Existing rubber dams adopt high-strength synthetic fibra as supporting frames. As greater demands for high dams than rubber dam, the rubber dam has to have high strength, thin thickness and light self-weight. But general canvas rubber dam could not meet the requirement of building high dam.

 Yantai Tiansheng Group developed steel wire reinforced rubber dam based on its own products andoriginal techniques of seamless rubber dam and achieved national invention patent and national torchplan project.

Advantages of steel wire reinforced rubber dam:
1. the steel wire frame is stressed directly, which improves the force condition of rubber dam with high    anti-quiver ability and no bending moment and shearing force;
2. high pulling strength of steel wire net and less thickness of dam bag, reduce self-weight and    producing cost, is easy to transport and increase the safety of bag dam;
3. the high-strength steel net is force frame, high anti-piercing and anti-tearing;
4. excellent flexing resistance, higher anti-fatigue, longer service life;
5. high cohesion between steel net and rubber layers.

Structure Drawing of steel wire reinforced rubber:


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1.external tape       2.coated steel wire net
3.inter layer tape    4.internal tape
steel wire reinforced rubber dam in Hubei

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