The rubber dam is processed dam bag rubberized fabrics according to the size of design requirements, anchoring in the concrete baseboard to form a closed bag with high-strength synthetic fiber woven fabrics internal stressed frame and internal and external coating of synthetic rubber as its bonding the protective layer...

Protective Board for Rubber Dam

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In flood, lots of trees, sands and edges stones will go down with flood to damage rubber dam easily, in northern cold area, rivers will defrost in spring and lots of ice will rush down to damage rubber dam and reduce its service life. For solving those problems, Tiansheng Group develop protective board for rubber dam and achieved national new practical patent.

Its structure is as follows:


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Structure drawing of protective
Board for rubber dam


connecting drawing between
protective board and rubber dam


1.external tape  2. metal netlyaer  3.interlayer tape  4.internal tape  5.plating tank  6. protective board  7. rubber dam

Advantages of protective board for rubber dam: 
The protective board is made of steel wire net and rubber layer which may cover upstream of rubber dam and form a bank etween rubber dam and protective board, has strong anti-collision abilities from trees, sand edged stones and ices. It is easy to be applied with excellent force condition, high anti-quiver ability, good flexing resistance and long service life.

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