The rubber dam is processed dam bag rubberized fabrics according to the size of design requirements, anchoring in the concrete baseboard to form a closed bag with high-strength synthetic fiber woven fabrics internal stressed frame and internal and external coating of synthetic rubber as its bonding the protective layer...

Steel Gate of Rubber Dam

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We developed an air shield gate and achieved national new practical patent

Advantages of steel gate:

1. for such rubber dam steel gate, plates in different height are covered on rubber dam to protect dam bag from damage by ices, logs and other objects and extend the service life of the whole gate system;

2. the gate is featured by modular design, simple installation, easy maintenance, and requires no high- precision parts.

3. As every rubber dam is independent for large gate system, other gates will not be collapsed from the damaged place though one is damaged.

4. The gate may effectively discharge flood without central pier and allow ice cakes and other errands.

5. the gate is driven by air charging dam bag and easy to be maintained.

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Application 1 steel gate of rubber dam

Application 2 steel gate of rubber dam

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