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Hydraulic controlled pier-less provable steel gate was devel

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1. Hydraulic controlled pier-less provable steel gate does not need piers and there is no construction on river.

2. Safe and reliable: Each time after the steel gate completes its rising and descending, the movement piston fully returns to the hydraulic oil cylinder, which can effectively protect the piston from rusting and prolong the life of driving system.

3. Convenient maintenance and repair: Because when the gate is working, the driving system and the gate panel are separated, so it is convenient to maintain and repair the oil cylinder and slideway, and that will not affect the work of the gate.

4. Wide application scope: Hydraulic controlled pier-less provable steel gate is not restricted by river width and limit of geographical and climate conditions, and suitable for any river style. There is no need to make any alteration to the river way.

5. Quick installation speed, short construction period

6. Short gate sinking time: It only takes 10 minutes for this new type of gate to fully sink.

7.the height of retaining water may be adjustable during short terms.

8. The building height of steel gate can be 4-14 m, and top water surpassing height is 1-1.5m.

9. the general service life of the gate is 30-50 years.

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