The rubber dam is processed dam bag rubberized fabrics according to the size of design requirements, anchoring in the concrete baseboard to form a closed bag with high-strength synthetic fiber woven fabrics internal stressed frame and internal and external coating of synthetic rubber as its bonding the protective layer...

Seamless Rubber Dam

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The seamless rubber dam produced by Yantai Tiansheng Rubber Dam Group Co., Ltd, a new generation product self-developed on the basis of the first and second generations of seamless rubber dam, is the first seamless rubber dam produced in China. The research and application of the seamless rubber dam has been certified as the international advanced technology by Water Resource and achieved national invention patent and utility model patent.

It has such advantages as follows:
1.the adhesive tapes of seamless rubber dam bag are  overlapped in dislocation. After finishing rolling process, the  whole dam bag is vulcanized and modeled by large thermo-compression vulcanization.
2. It makes the canvas forced directly, which improves dam bag forcing condition, latitudinal tension  and the safety.
3. It has an excellent integration that can reduce water fluctuation press-sure, improve earthquake resistant behavior to avoid resonance in case that water overflows the dam, dam bags would be  damaged.
4.  It can be installed mechanically, which greatly reduces the labor strength and improves working  efficiency and saves installation expenses.
6. the whole dam bag is even with the same thickness and no adding pad so that materials and installation costs are saved.
7. Dam bag is perfectly integrated without seam appearing on its surface, which greatly improves its anti-pierce performance and reduces the piercing and tearing ratio of dam bag.

Application of seamless rubber dam

\ \
Seamless Rubber Dams for hydropower station
AZMAK, Turkey, 5m×65m(H×L) ,in2009
Yanda Seamless Rubber Dam, Yan’an, Shanxi,
2.7m×108m (H×L), in 2005
\ \
Enshi Rubber Dam, Hubei,
6m×96m(H×L),in 2004,
The highest rubber dam in China
Xiaoshabu Rubber Dam for Jiahe River, Yantai,
3.5m×200m(H×L), in 2006,
with the  longest single span in China

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